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Confessions of a shy person...

Day Seven:

Day Seven came after a frustratingly long break due to a very fickle and irritating matter: Indiana's weather. It snowed, it rained, it was warm the one day I was out of town, so finally the weather is beginning to get a grip. I was not without work over my two week break, of course. I got roped into (kidding, I live for this stuff) painting/designing a set for Avon Middle School South's production of Seussical the musical. While everyone including my boss for this set (my lovely mother) is on spring break, I get to spend my days painting alone on stage in an empty auditorium. And boy do I love it! Actors (having been in a few productions myself) will tell you there is something magical about being on stage, but that feeling of being on stage alone illuminated by colorful lights, looking out onto empty seats knowing you have full control over that space? Now that's magic to this introverted control freak.

While I couldn't paint at the yoga studio for this chakra inspired mural, that's not to say I wasn't working on it. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a wonderful journalist from the Hendricks County Flyer about my mural. As I'm sure you've gathered self promotion isn't as relaxing to me as painting alone, nonetheless, its part of the job. I was so nervous for my interviewed I showed up to the mural where we decided to meet an hour early, hoping to get in the swing of things and paint a bit, but Indiana's weather wasn't going to allow that. So I paced for awhile, tried to paint, paced more. Finally my interviewer had arrived, I awkwardly greeted myself, and we began. Once the article came out it was a pleasure to see photos of me in action (selfies really do get annoying after awhile) and she had made a great article out of my ramblings about art, passion, and well, myself! If you don't get the Flyer check it out here.

I also got a fun new sign to put up while I'm working. I know inviting people in to watch/talk to me isn't ideal but networking really is how to make it as a freelancer and I am on board! (reluctantly but still determined.)

How cute is my sign though?

Now that we're all caught up, let's talk painting. Day Seven had arrived. Having a deadline on the Seussical set only a few short weeks away, I'm having to plan out my painting time between two projects now, along with weather, and of course the yoga studio's schedule. So rainy days this week, I'm inside the auditorium turning a Gothic castle into a whimsical town for Whos. Non-rainy days are spent outside at the yoga studio. Day Seven was cloudy but nevertheless non-rainy. I powered through the unexpected cold air the alleyway that I am working in gets, taking frequent breaks to stand in the sun a few feet away that's at least 10 degrees warmer.

Using my smallest brushes to move the paint into loops, circles, dots, and tiny lines, I still wasn't getting the delicate touch I wanted for some areas. I had to get another paint brush, the tiniest and unexpectedly most fun little thing I've used before. This little one helped me create even smaller lines that compliment the larger strokes I made on Day Six. The first window's white delicate pattern is about finished! Forgetting my ladder though, I can't quite reach the top where it trails off. Still a bit cold and with a cramping hand, I decided I had a little left in me and started the orange window. Afterwards with a sore wrist, I cursed myself for forgetting to do my wrist exercises and ice it after my two week break. You can bet I went straight home after painting and got to work caring for my left wrist.

Day Seven wrap up:

3 windows still needing a base coat

2 windows ready & waiting for white pattern

1 window with white pattern almost done

1 window with white pattern started

1 fun new brush

1 new sign

1 Beehive Caramel Latte & bacon, egg, cheese hand pie (the Biscuits & gravy one is the best though)

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