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I hate green.

Day Four:

What a day. I woke up eager to get painting after a short rest to care for my sore body, checked the weather as I obsessively do every morning before lifting my head from the pillow (along with every other app I check on my phone like the basic millennial I am) and was out the door dressed to work. Now I'm a cold weather person. I live for snow, below freezing, three pairs of socks weather, so in 48 degrees I threw on a light coat over a jacket and was out the door. It was wet and cold outside. Not at all the 48 degrees my iPhone promised me, it was COLD. It said no rain, just clouds and I was naive enough to believe it. Now, I'm not crazy, I like cold weather but I don't like being cold.

But I found myself at the yoga studio mentally prepared to paint and wasn't going back. I began, then quickly remembered the bag of goodwill clothes in my car luckily had scarves in it. Some relief. I started with a second layer on the orange window then was on to the yellow window. Up on my 6 foot ladder, I felt the wind push me. It pushed harder than someone who is terrified of heights would enjoy while on a ladder, no matter how short said ladder is. But nevertheless I persisted. I reached most of the yellow window but my 5'1" height and fear of going higher on a ladder being blown so ferociously stopped me. Day 5 will start reaching the top of that darn window. I continued on to the fourth window giving it a layer of green.

Mixing my own colors, I grabbed the navy blue and yellow a bit apprehensively, knowing the navy blue could cause issues in color. And so it did. The dark tone of the navy mixed with a pure yellow made a gross greenish brown. Yes, I hate green and I HATED this green*. Fortunately, my painting bag had a left over sample of a bright neon green. This window was the smallest in size (like I've said before these windows are all shapes, sizes, and placements on the wall). So the little sample of green left over from a past mural came in handy. It's always great when your paint carries on from job to job so it's not just left over waste. I will probably purchase a more neutral blue to make a toned down green to match the chakra's color better, though.

After all of this and frequent hand warmings, the sky decided it was time for me to quit and so came the rain.

Day 4 wrap up:

4 windows with color

2 windows with color & ready for the next step

2 hours of painting while unprepared for the cold

1 Large Beehive Caramel Latte

0 falls off of the ladder

Day 5 was supposed to happen earlier. It was bright, sunny, and felt oh so warm. My left wrist was wrapped up in a brace and ready to ease into some painting. Of course, I knew my paint couldn't be applied in weather under 40 degrees but it was so warm out. No, once again the weather had tricked me. It was a consistent 32 degrees the entire day. So fingers crossed everyone, day 5 will come this weekend! The intricacy of the design on these windows is making me anxious to get to the next step.

*My fiance relentlessly claims green is my favorite color. And to the unknowing eye, it would appear as if he's right. Our wedding colors predominantly are white and green, green plants cover our apartment, and I even repainted rooms in my parents' house a bright green. But still I refuse to accept I like the color. It's crazy I know, but hey, we all have our quirks.

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