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Yes, I know I have paint on myself.

A close up of the infamous paint pants

Day Three:

Today when I woke up I realized how excited I am to get dressed and go to work. I realized how easy it was too. My fiance can attest to this, it takes me an hour to pick out an outfit any time we have to go somewhere and look presentable. An HOUR. Today I went to the "you're going to get dirty and covered in paint" section of my closet and grabbed pants, shirt, and was on my way. Yes, I really have an entire section in my closet dedicated to paint days. Different types of paint days actually. This morning I put on my favorite pair of pants. These jeans, though any resemblance to denim now is a stretch, have been through every mural I have done. Different colors remind me of different murals and shows I've worked on. It's like my own weird scrapbook. And they look kickass. So that's how today started and it was great.

Day three marks the end of the power sanding. Day three also marks a very sore left and right wrist. But I begged them to power through and we spent a few hours getting paint on those windows. Window one was dry and in desperate need of a second coat. I started with the red part knowing the red paint would probably take the most coats to get the velvety texture I like to see. It's funny, different colors vary in their texture, even when they're the same brand of paint as others. The navy blue, though still thin, coated the wood panel easier than the red. Window one got a second coat of paint from black to blue to red and I left it to dry.

Now on to window two. This window fades black to blue to orange, being the one color combination I was most nervous about. As I'm sure most people know, blue and orange are opposites, so when mixed equally they create a dull brown color. As in, not a pretty color for a mural about creating beautiful paths and tranquility. But when done properly it can create a beautiful color scheme. With my thin red and yellow paint, I whipped up a neutral orange and began. I made the bottom of the window slightly more red fading to orange then a yellow orange. This yellow orange color lets me blend it into the blue making more of a green than a brown. Though it may seem subtle, small transitions make a big difference. I am happy to say it worked out beautifully!

Bear in mind the window will get covered with one or two more coats of this same color effect, but the first coat is looking promising.

Both windows needed to dry and unfortunately without a sink I couldn't rinse off my brushes to start the next window: black to blue to yellow! I decided to give the frames a light sanding on the rougher spots and call it a day before I went off to my weekly yoga session.

Day Three wrap up:

7 windows scraped & sanded

7 frames scraped & sanded

2 windows with color!

1 Starbucks Caramel Latte (I had to use my free drink)

And a new addition of colors to my paint pants

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