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There are so many colors in the rainbow

and I see every one. (Click the photo to listen to this great song)

Day Two:

Today started out on a fun note when I saw my horoscope (I always read them in the newspaper!) began with "You're an artist." That sure sets a good mood for a morning of painting.

With my Caramel Latte from The Beehive in Danville (seriously guys check this place out. I'm a Starbucks Gold Member addict but the Beehive is killer), I pulled up to the yoga studio for a few hours of work between their classes. As I'm sure you can imagine, having someone power sanding right outside your window is not a calm inducing environment.

Today was my first week day working on this project, so there was a sense of anxiety as I began, knowing there is a working office just on the other side of this wall I'm loudly pounding on. But soon I heard the roofers on a building next door were much louder, so I thought at least I'm not the biggest complaint these people can make today.

And so on with the scraping, until my first incident of the day: a top piece of (a completely rotted old, how could I not see this coming) frame broke off. I'm sure I can nail it back on so for the time being at least it was easier to scrape paint off without it being attached up so high. After completely scraping all the paint off the last few frames, I moved on to the smaller framed window and quickly realized that paint will NOT be coming off. But I think I have devised a plan to make it work. Stay tuned.

Next I was ready for sanding the remaining frames and windows until I discovered I had forgotten my extension cord, so that was out. I had been scraping for hours and the sky was starting to drizzle, so I thought I might as well put a coat of paint on one of the windows all ready to go, then call it a day.

Having only done a few exterior murals, I am still working on which paints to use. When working on a larger scale, generally the most affordable gallons are the way to go. This time I went with a few quarts of Olympic Paint and Primer in Exterior Satin. Only a few dollars cheaper than a different brand, I thought why not? I purchased a half gallon of a deep navy, and one quart each red, yellow, and white to start. I almost always buy only three colors of paint for my murals: red, yellow, and blue. Along with white and black you can make every color desirable with these three. This saves paint and money, and it's a fun talent to use.

Beginning with the top half navy, I layered black at the very top to create a nice dark fade. Then, the bottom red transitioning into the blue above it. Quickly, I learned the Olympic paint was very thin. It has more pigment in it than binder which is what I assume causes the lower price. Next time I will definitely opt to spend a little more money for the thicker, more saturated paint. My windows will take a few more coats to cover than I had wanted, but I'm confident the end result will be the same.

Day Two wrap up:

7 windows loose paint scraped off

6 frames completely scraped off

3 windows sanded

1 frame not scraped off and will never be

1 window with color!

1 Beehive Caramel Latte consumed

0 extension cords

0 noise complaints

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