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Missing, but still in Action

Well friends, its been awhile! I can assure my lack of presence on the blog does not mean I haven't been working! I put in two more days painting at the yoga studio but most of my time the past days (weeks?) has been spent in school. Avon Middle School that is, working my butt off to design, build, and paint a set for their musical. Opening TONIGHT people!

I was given the task of taking a large dark blue Gothic style castle and turning it into a whimsical Whoville from Dr. Seuss. What the heck, right? With a ton of paint, some borrowed props, lots of tarps, and all colors of pool noodles, I give you Whoville! Some of you might have seen some snaps of this set on my social media (sorry if you're sick of it) but those who haven't, can see it in all its lit up colored glory tonight and tomorrow during the show!

In addition to being covered in neon paint for the past week or so, I somehow got roped into helping backstage with the production. I'll admit kids are not my favorite thing to be around, especially 30 hyper musical theatre kids but I'll also admit I love to be in charge. These poor middle schoolers can hardly catch a break between their strict back stage help (my mom's not as nice as she looks either), their tough choreographer, musical director, and their experienced dedicated director who wants a killer show. And what a show it is!!

Can I take pictures of the show? Ooops.

Now Day 10 and 11:

With so much happening outside of this mural (set painting, catering, yoga teacher training) I'm actually happy to say Day 10 and 11 were pretty uneventful. Spring was in full swing during these days, however that means bugs are out. After a bad run in with THE BIGGEST SPIDER EVER, I was twitching at the sight of anything that even fluttered near me. Hair breezed past, a speck of dust, a fly: I flinched. I have to say as much of a winter person as I am, it was nice to not need mittens to paint.

I finally was smart enough to remember my ladder and the tops of the first three windows are now completed! Seeing these three all come together has left me with a great sense of accomplishment and comfort giving a better idea of how my made up designs are turning out.

The green window hinting at the fourth chakra was started and almost completed. It is a much smaller window so I thought it could be down quickly. Well I learned painting on the ladder gives me no place to rest my palm while I paint, leaving me with a pretty tiring arm after awhile. I tried so hard to finish the fourth window and move on, but you do just have to call it quits.

Day 10 & 11 wrap up:

3 windows DONE (until the next step. Stay tuned)

1 window almost DONE

3 windows not DONE

1 or more Starbucks Pink drinks consumed. I just discovered these and could not get any more basic.

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